Fibra DFA Skin Rejuvenation

The cumulative effects of sun exposure increase the risk of cell damage, premature wrinkles and age spots.

Laser skin rejuvenation stimulates collagen and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving a plumped up glowing complexion.

After an accurate diagnosis, it is possible to treat age spots with laser skin rejuvenation.

The diode laser emits pulses in nanoseconds, and the limited pulse duration allows creating heat damage confined to small-size chromophores, such as melanin. Specific before-and-after skin studies have shown ultra-structured alterations only in melanosomes (intracellular organelles in which melanin is produced).

After treatment, the melanocytes have fewer dendrites. Dendrites are used to transfer melanin to skin cells, called keratinocytes and, therefore, a smaller number indicates the reduced capacity of the melanocyte to transfer melanin.

This discovery tells us that the selective photo thermolysis of the diode laser does not destroy melanocytes, but simply makes sure that dendrites do not carry excess melanin in the skin, thus enabling spots to become lighter and achieving a more uniform skin colour.

A treatment consists of  a double cleanse before applying a gel to protect the skin. The laser is performed across the full face or on the specific treatment area. We then apply a cosmeceutical serum and mask to the skin before applying a sunscreen at the end of the treatment.


1 Session per week


A course of 6 sessions


1 Session per month