Iridium is the ultimate eye contour treatment. If you suffer from lines and wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles or hooded eyelids then Iridium is the treatment for you as we can correct and remedy the ageing process of the eye contour.

Iridium is the programme specifically formulated to fight skin ageing and treat all eye contour blemishes in a targeted and effective manner.

Iridium uses pressotherapy technology which delivers massage around the eye contour that promotes drainage of fluids from eye bags and relieves muscle tension in the forehead and eye contour area.


Iridium provides ideal heating that promotes the penetration of cosmetics, improves blood circulation in eye contour area, provides relief to dry eyes and reduces stress. The treatment also reduces the sense of fatigue around the eye area. Stimulation of acupuncture points especially in the temple area relax muscles and tensions decrease, with a beneficial sensation of relaxation and rest.

The eye area is cleansed, and your chosen serum is applied around the contours of the eye. The Iriduim device is applied and switched on for 10mins, allowing the massaging effects and heat produced to activate the serum applied at the beginning of the treatment. More serum is applied, and a collagen mask is placed over the eye area for a further 10 minutes. Suitable for any skin type, including the most delicate and sensitive skin as it has an immediate, powerful moisturizing action, and reduces fine lines around the eyes as well as combating redness. The treatment concludes with a eye cream specifically designed to maximise the benefits of the Iridium treatment.

The treatment plan recommended is a course of 3 treatments, 1 per week and a monthly maintenance treatment thereafter.