Why did Spa Twenty Six decided to “GO VEGAN”?
Like so many people, there are so many reasons why people decide to choose a vegan diet : They believe it’s better for their health; it’s great for the environment; they believe meat and dairy
products are cruel to animals. And it really is for all of these reasons. It simply felt wrong using skincare products on our clients that, whilst gave amazing results, left us with a feeling that there
simply had to be more ethical ways of achieving great results, but with the Feel-Good factor of knowing in your heart that no animal suffered in giving us great skin !
For so long, Natural, Organic, Vegan Skincare meant compromising on results, but this is no longer the case, and hasn’t been for quite some time.
As Skincare Experts, when we really starting researching and looking into the ingredients in products, it became a mine field ….. It is often difficult to get to the bottom of what a product
contains because often these ingredients are hidden in science and for that reason, it became more important than ever to find great brands that we could trust.
Even if you are not Vegan, we know that the ingredients we put on our skin will absorb into our skin – let’s face it, that’s exactly what we want them to do, but whether you agree with the
reasons many choose to become Vegan, there are many ingredients presently being used by brands, that if we really knew what they were, I’m sure you might feel differently !

So, What Is Vegan Skincare?
Well, to start with, looking for the product or brand stating it is Vegan is a good start, however, this simply means that nothing in that product is made from an animal, however, if the
manufacturer of the product wishes to sell the product in China, then the product must legally be tested on animals, therefore meaning that you can have a Vegan product causing horrific
cruelty to animals. Therefore, looking for a Vegan product that states it is “Cruelty Free” is also important.
Today, there are so many plant derivatives that have been discovered to have equal if not better results on our skin, and YES, even for anti-aging ! In fact, scientists have known for a long time
that applying collagen and elastin to our skin, which generally always came from animal bones and tissues, will not work by replacing our own collagen and elastin or stimulate us to produce
more of our own. In fact, many plant ingredients have been discovered to be more effective.
Finding products that we can trust to be Vegan, Cruelty Free and Kind to the Environment has been and still is, an exciting journey and we are proud to offer simply the best there is, through
rigorous testing to our clients in the Spa, our New Salon and our Customers Online.

Better For The Environment !
Going Vegan is simply better for our Planet and if we can do just one thing to make our footprint less damaging to our world, why wouldn’t we choose Vegan Skincare. Scientists have told us
time and time again that meat and dairy animals are a big source of greenhouse gases. providing only 18% of the world’s food calories and yet taking up 80% of the world’s farmland, a reason
many choose to go vegan, but whether you choose to eat vegan or not, if we don’t have to use animal products in our skincare then surely we would choose an alternative.

Vegan Skincare Is Affordable and For All Skin Types.
As you will see with the incredible brands we have to offer you, Vegan Skincare is comparable with all others – we aim to bring you the Best Affordable Brands with the Best Results and we
believe in the brands we have available. With more and more people seeking vegan, products and foods have become more accessible and with more and more scientists seeking vegan
alternatives, those animal by-products will soon be a thing of the past, there is simply no need today to accept that this is the way it has always been.