Happiness Aromatherapy Candle


Treat your senses with our natural blend of uplifting, zesty ingredients and deliciously therapeutic essential oils. Smiles are guaranteed with this rapturous combination of Grapefruit, Lemon and Sweet Orange underpinned by the peaceful sweetness of Sandalwood and Geranium. The Quartz Spa Happiness Aromatherapy Candle is the perfect way to ignite your inner joy.

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Quartz Spa Candles have been created using only the purest ingredients combined with 100% Soy wax and infused with our Hope, Happiness and Energise aromatherapy blends. Each candle contains a wick made of unbleached cotton, with no metal or plastic fibres.

Each candle is hand-poured into our beautifully designed glass tumbler, so each is unique and made especially for you. Burn time 40-45 hours.