Hebridean Marine Toner


ishga Hebridean Marine Face Toner is bursting with powerful skin antioxidants, and is a refreshing and uplifting way to prepare for ishga’s other natural organic face products.

Our Hebridean seawater contains over 60 vitamins and minerals and has been used for centuries to treat everything from sore throats to wounds. We simply take this amazing natural resource and blend it with Hebridean spring water, gentle red mandarin oil, aloe vera and cucumber to brighten, cool and soothe.

Our toner comes in a versatile bottle to spray onto cotton pads and gently wipe on, or spritz over make up for a refreshing lift on a busy day.

How to apply

Apply morning and evening. Spray Hebridean Marine Toner onto dry cotton wool and sweep gently across the face and neck. For best results, follow with Regenerating Face Serum and Anti-oxidant Marine Face Cream.

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