Regenerating Face Serum


ishga Regenerating Organic Face Serum is our very own ‘natural lift’, sitting proudly among our impressive range of innovative, organic face products. Our Hebridean seaweed extract and pure, Hebridean seawater empower this clever serum to brighten, tighten and firm the skin, getting rid of lines and wrinkles naturally. It delivers immediate results through a high concentration of seaweed, but your skin will feel immediately nourished and soothed too, with those special ishga feelings of calm. With no oil, it’s just pure, organic goodness, made possible by our expertise in clean skincare.

How to apply

Simply take three to four pumps onto your fingertips, press over the face and neck, and under the eye area. Activate the serum with ‘raindrop’ pressure motions until it’s absorbed into your skin. For best results apply morning and evening and follow with Anti-oxidant Marine Face Cream.

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